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Digital Launch Plans

Starter Plans: Start-Ups, Specialists, & E-Commerce Websites

Our digital lunch plans are best for specialists just starting a new business or small business owners who want a website created with brand awareness geared to lunch with an exceptional digital footprint. You'll be pleased with our entire website and marketing package with features to help improve your company's online digital growth. We fully build, manage, and market your new website for the entire year. We aim to help your business to the next level with our realistic affordable pricing approach.

With all the additional services like content creation, artwork, design, optimization, consulting, people ask us, why is it so affordable? The answer is simple we want your business to succeed authentically.

Start here if you're looking for an easy, fast, and effective way to have a fantastic website without managing it but keep an excellent online presence. 

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Small Business Action Plans

Performance: Grow, Evolve, Advance & Thrive Plans

Are you a small shop, retailer, or a working professional service provider? Advance your small company to the next level. Stand out, take action to grow your customer base, communicate with them, and build brand loyalty. We research then place all that knowledge into your performing action plan.

Moreover, we make all the communication strategies like ads, videos, flyers, websites, and more. We use your creative digital and advertising tools then implement your newly created unique approach. We then start engaging, managing, reaching, adjusting, monitoring, and communicating to your intended marvelous audience as a positive brand.  

Your business takes so much of your time away from the essential things like your family. Now imagine having a marketing department but without all the high cost. We made it easy and affordable to market your business effectively.

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Marketing Advisor Plans

Consultant and Advisory Plans Coming Soon

Marketing is so big and broad that most people don't understand where to start. We believe each business is unique, having a remarkable story. We take the time to listen to your goals, proactively listening. So those special events are communicated while reaching your success goals.

Consultations come with a full report on the issues you want to tackle with a step-by-step written action plan—our lengthy consultation process is for business owners who are serious about growing their business.

Advisory is a much more straightforward approach. These are business phone calls, texts, chats, and emails. Ask a question you get an answer within 24 to 48 hours. Advisory is an affordable way to fill in the gaps while professionally growing your business.

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Do we offer different services?
The short answer is yes. We are showcasing what is considered an industry must with our approach. We will be adding more services and products over time. If there are services/products you need that relate to the marketing world, in most cases, we offer them such as flyers, printing, logo design, and more.
Do we offer different pricing structures?
Yes, we offer different pricing structures. We believe delivering realistic pricing helps the growth of all involved parties. That is why we offer packages, and monthly payments are an excellent way to help our clientele. Of course, we hold the right to change our prices. However, we are conscious of what is in demand from our buyers.

Other pricing methods we offer:
Fixed pricing
Monthly installments
Hourly plus commission
Flat rate
Percentage of annual budget*

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